A detailed evaluation of SEM Rush tool

SEM rush tool is a detailed competitive analysis tool. SEMRush review finds that their utility is more for keyword rankings or site audits. It is important to understand on how this tool can help your business.

First and the most important thing to do is to zero in the domain name in the search box. Then click on domain analytics, and then an overview of the site is provided. Before we get to what our competitors are doing, it is better to understand where we stand currently. This is going to help us compare in a better way against the competition.

Then on the SEM rush tool, in the domain analytics section go to research and locate the positions. Here a list of keywords is presented and additional information in the form of search volume, search positions etc is presented. There is lot of option here and you can look for specific keywords as well. Within a minute or so you can figure out the organic along with the paid traffic which a site is receiving. What is the back links that has been generated and how many keywords have gone on to rake in top rankings as well. This is followed by a view report section where you can go on to take a comprehensive information about the full keyword list.

Ascertaining the keywords of your competitors.

Once the information is in front of you about the site, it is pretty evident to figure out what your actual competitors are up to. Once again you would need to head over to the domain analytics section under the tab of organic research you can click on the competitors section. From here it is pretty easy to find out who are your main competitors.

Once this list is in front of you it is suggested that you do a bit of soul searching. Find out the common keywords that you share with the competitor and a domain comparison is presented.

Competition to be analysed

Once the competitors are in front of you, it is recommended that you observe their strategies. Find out which keywords they are going after and what are the reasons for doing so. Ideally you would want your focus to be restricted to a couple of columns

  • Traffic – as part of the SEO strategy which is the traffic which is being generated by a single keyword. It has been observed that in 99% of the cases one keyword is responsible for bringing in a major chunk of traffic.
  • Competition- You can scale the levels of competition on a degree from zero to ten. It would clearly help you to figure out whether it is worth investing time on that particular keyword.

There is a chart that is in place and you can strategize through the different keywords on which one is going to work for your particular site. Once found out, you can further go on to explore that particular keyword