Do video games affect teenage suicide rates?

In the today’s world suicide is one of the leading causes among the teenagers. It is true that younger generation is highly involved in the gaming industry. According to the recent survey teens that play hours of hours action video and live games, in particular, may be more capable of acting on suicidal thoughts. To spend more than four to five hours a day on video games can lead to prolonged sadness, and also suicide attempts.
However, an excess of everything is bad a little bit of gaming and use of internet each day was associated with decreased suicidal thoughts and suicidal thoughts or actions.
Who have involved video games?
The study states that children who are introvert and more impulsive spend more time in playing video games. After a year their game addiction has been increasing day by day and they start to miss their school. They will start suffering from anxiety, depression and social phobias. Parents have to take care of their children that they are not highly involved in this.
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The Department of Psychological Sciences states that the relationship between you and video game play & acquired capability to commit the suicide. The moderating effect of a video game does not do any partiality to any category or any gender.
The increased acquired capability allows teenagers to overcome the pain and fear that would lead a suicide attempt. Violent video games are considering one of the reasons for suicide commitment.
Video games categories that affect
• Adventure games: multiplayer online games, Role-playing, or adventure games, such as “World of Warcraft” and “The Sims”.
• Traditional/ educational games: Puzzles, traditional or educational, games, such as “Minesweeper” , “Solitaire,” “Chess,” or “Tetris”.
• Action games: fighting, war games, first-person shooter, crime, horror, sports or /war games, such as “Call of Duty,” the “HALO” series, “Street fighter,” “Left for Dead,” “Resident Evil,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Tomb Raider” , “Call of Duty,” & “Grand Theft Auto”
With the passing years, the suicide rate is increasing year by year. It is important to control this. To protect teenagers from video games addiction. Playing video games is a good thing but addiction to it is not good. Many children’s has committed suicide after taking part in an online the blue whale game. It’s a task-based game and the participants are guided through a series of tasks over 50 days, such as self-harming & watching horror movies at night and at last culminating in a suicide. So, it is clear that spending too many hours on video gaming is a harmful thing.