Various and popular ring settings

Channel setting, halo setting, bar setting, three stone setting, these are few of the important and popular ring settings which are widely used by the jewellery designers. Suppose you have given the order of Damascus steel bands and you are confused that which ring setting you can try on your wedding ring, then consider a few of the below-mentioned ring settings and styles and make easy your decision-making process:

The liking for Channel setting

  • First, we have channel setting, it is one of the security settings because it can easily secure your smaller diamonds flawlessly. You will see that smaller diamonds or you can say that smaller gemstones are tied up closely together into the form of grooves and come up in the band form. This setting is hence quite popular for Custom Damascus rings and especially for the making of wedding bands and these stackable rings, people love this latest ring setting style.
  • The pros of this setting are many in numbers, this ring setting can enhance the sparkle element of a ring, if you want to achieve and get a sharp looking design without at all losing the stability of your ring then this is the desired setting which you have to try!

The love for Halo setting

  • In this setting, it is in the concentric circle form or it is in the concentric square form that the placement of diamonds is carried out. If you really want to boost and enhance the appearance of your diamond ring then this is the perfect ring setting.
  • The surrounding stones which are present in this ring setting, their value and sparkle element are enhanced at the same time too. You can use this setting for a variable number of diamond shapes.

The fame of Three stone setting

  • Lastly, we have this three stone setting and it is the versatile ring setting without a doubt. In this setting, simple three stones are closely set and fused together and they symbolize any of the couple past and present and too future times.
  • You can choose the three stones in the same and exact size or they can be in the different sizes. You can personalize this sort of ring setting with the induction of coloured side stones as well. You can use emeralds, sapphires or rubies or any of the birthstones. To maximize the brilliance, sparkle level, this is the great setting. Moreover, to enhance the appearance and look of your centre stone, this is the recommended setting.

So these are the great looking ring styles which you can induce in your rings and wedding bands. No doubt that this jewellery world has really made such classy and dramatic improvements in the category of rings and wedding bands section. If you have your own personalized ring setting design and style then share that with us! Sooner, with all of the readers, we will share more ring setting details with them on the latest and trendy notes.